Batteries for Tractor

Rustic nature of tractors creates a cheerful and natural image, they need a very intense amount of energy to operate. In addition, performance of tractors that are one of the most effective players of important agricultural activities is of great importance for farmers.

Apart from automobiles, tractors need larger and much more energy. In this sense, it is possible to supply energy with durable and high-performance battery. For tractors that require much above 60-ampere and 72-ampere batteries, you may get the performance you need with Formul A Taurus and Supr A Sentor battery models of İnci Akü, that are produced for Heavy Vehicles.

İnci Akü Batteries for Heavy Vehicles

Apart from vehicles with high electric equipment, there are vehicles consisting of mechanical structure, such as tractors. Therefore, their energy needs are different than that of vehicles with intense electric mechanism. İnci Akü Batteries for Heavy Vehicles are completely designed to meet energy production of vehicles consisting of mechanical equipment.

Envelope separators of tractor batteries that have calcium alloy plates are made of polyethylene. Charging and discharging loop of battery with high on-plate acid reserve focuses on providing high performance.

Since it is ready to use and maintenance-free in a standard organization, performance to be gotten from a battery is risen to a practical dimension. Whether in summer of winter or rough or flat, it provides required performance in any kind of harsh weather conditions and roads.

Negative plates in heavy vehicle batteries with high starting power are made of calcium and positive plates are made of antimony. Furthermore, its Hybrid technology is one of the most important reasons for its high performance.

Resistant against vibration, tractor battery supplies energy required in various vehicles since it is compatible with vehicles that are used for commercial purposes. If you want your vehicle not to let you down, you may prefer the best battery for your tractor among Formul A Taurus or Supr A Sentor batteries.

You can drive your vehicle in the most efficient way with İnci Akü, which provides technology and performance on the same line and a rising graphic.
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