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As İnci GS Yuasa, we provide our employees with a business life that is long-lasting, open to development and change, safe and as warm as family life. Our young, dynamic and every-growing organization and employees that rise our energy to higher levels, we are taking firms steps toward our vision “to be the most reliable energy storage company for our customers, colleagues, business partners, suppliers and environment".

Recruitment Process

While maintaining our successful financial and operational performance, we continue to be beneficial to society by expanding our employment opportunities with our new investments and growing organization.

In İnci GS Yuasa Battery, we use various internal and external resources (especially internal resources) to recruit and place the most appropriate candidate in our vacant positions (job seeking websites, counseling companies, social media, in-house internship programs, Vocational Courses, Üniversitelerin İncileri (Pearls of Universities) and Young Pearls (Genç İnciler).

We are working to select and place the most convenient candidate in our recruitment process to enable our candidates to work in the accurate position so that they can contribute to performance of the company and to contribute their personal and professional improvement. Also, we use test tools of foreign language knowledge, personality test and general aptitude tests in addition to configured competence-based interview techniques.

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Training Process

İnci GS Yuasa refers an important meaning to life-long learning and invests in human resources consistently. We help our employees know their knowledge and skills and determine their developmental needs during performance assessment interviews conducted between employees with their managers. With training programs of both technical and personal development, we support our employees to improve the matters open to development.

In preparation of our development plans, we integrate various development tools to training/development process, such as e-learning portal, 6 Sigma project groups, summits, fairs, participation in conferences, coaching interviews, libraries established within the company and book summaries shared on Internet in every month, as well as in-class trainings

Performance Management

Career opportunities in İnci GS Yuasa meet at the point where our organizational needs and expectations of our employees intersect.

As a result of performance assessments through which our employees have the opportunity to review their goals and competence with their manager, they determine their personal goals considering the goals of the company and department and define and manage career development plans in cooperation with their managers upon determination of such goals.

As İnci GS Yuasa, we pay strict attention to using our internal resources and raising managers within our company in order to achieve the goals of our company. Within this scope, we aim to raise personal performance of our employees with their social competences and performance of our company as the expansion of such personal performance while using various training and development tools for our employees in our “Leadership Academy” program that we have designed.


We prepared our Company Culture Guide with a participative culture to determine our unique values. “Positive Approach” is one of our most important values of our company culture. We adopt and apply the understanding of positive approach in order to make our business enjoyable, work with passion, bond to our work and each other, aware of our strengths more and focus on our strengths, to be constructive in our business and get over challenges.

With our recommendation system that has been used in our company since 2009 and become a part of our corporate culture, we assess recommendations of our employees meticulously and realize applicable recommendations to improve our processes. Our employees gain points from activities and projects conducted monthly and annually and activities conducted individually and in teams and are awarded with gifts that they will select.

Through “Entertainment Club at Work” that we established within our company, we organize events, workshops, sportive and cultural activities for common fields of interest of our employees. We also aim to add value to our environment while enhancing friendship in the work place with our corporate social responsibility organizations.

We cover works of our employees that they develop for departments in which they work and are engaged in business processes, company and İnci Holding in our recognition and appreciation process in various manners. If they reach a certain period of employment, we support them on special days like birthday and wedding anniversary with our gifts.


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