How to Connect Battery Cable?

In fact, battery cables should be connected by authorized persons. However, individuals may sometimes have to do this. First of all, battery should be compatible with the vehicle. Here some procedures to be followed to connect convenient battery to the vehicle are provided. First of all, you should remove your old battery. After placing your new battery, ensure that you fix it safely. Then, detect (+) and (-) signs on the terminals. After detecting + and - poles on battery terminals located on the end of connection cables, connect the cable with positive sign first, then connect the cable with negative sign. It is important to turn off any components working, such as radio, air conditioner, parking lamp, headlight, etc. before connecting the battery cable. After connecting the cables, tighten the battery terminals that you connected with 12 13 wrench. After tightening, lubricate the battery terminals with grease. Therefore, you will be able to connect the battery cable without applying to a mechanic.

How to Connect Battery Cable? Points to Take Into Consideration.

While connecting battery cables, it is mainly important to be careful to avoid from cross-connection of cables. Connecting the cables properly is the most important thing in making battery cable connection. This is possible with positive-positive and negative-negative connection. After making the proper connection, you are required to lubricate the terminals with grease in order to prevent oxidation of battery terminals.

How to Connect Booster Cable to Flat Battery?

Your battery may run out due to any leakage or systems left on. You will have to boost from another battery to activate. In this case, it is better to mention about the question on how to connect battery cable again. You should also be careful while connecting booster cable. It is required to connect red cable to positive terminal and black one to the negative terminal. Meanwhile, all components should be turned off.

Find the Right Battery for Your Vehicle

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