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Which Battery Should I Prefer for My Vehicle?

For battery selection, capacity and starting power values should be considered as well as physical measurements. Capacity means total power of battery and starting power means instantaneous power. For example, if label indicates 50 ampere-hour and 420 amperes, these numbers mean battery has 50 ampere-hour of capacity and 420 amperes of starting power. 420 amperes mean maximum instantaneous current amount and 50 amperes mean total power per hour.

Value of starting power is written on the label in accordance with the standard specified by the producer. While comparing the products, you should consider which standard the value of starting power is written according to. Some abbreviations are specified on the label. For example, abbreviations represent standards, such as En for Europe, DIN for Germany and JIS for Japan. You should remember that these values are applied for full batteries at 100%. Since battery can discharge itself, values on the label cannot be ensured if this battery is left in storage for a long time. At this point, it is important to start to use the battery before its shelf life is completed.

Another important matter in battery selection is batteries should be preferred with capacity and starting power convenient to the vehicle. If we prefer a battery with capacity and starting power less than that of the vehicle, (For example, 60 ampere-hour is selected instead of 72 ampere-hour, problem may not occur in a short time, but starting power of the vehicle will have problems since 60 ampere-hour is lower than the starting power of 72 ampere-hour) the vehicle will have problems in a long term. If a battery with capacity and starting power higher than that of the vehicle, energy system of the vehicle (values of charging voltage) should be measured. In consequence of this measurement, battery will be never charged at a level that it needs if capacity of alternator does not have the power to supply battery and system, this will have a negative impact on performance and life of the battery.

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Find the Right Battery for Your Vehicle

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