Why Does Battery Lamp Flash?

If battery lamp continues to flash after starting the engine, there may be two reasons of this; Your battery may break down or run out. If car key does not turn, it is likely that your battery has run out. First of all, it is required to check the cables that enable connection between engine and electric connection of battery. There may be fraction, corrosion or dislocation of connection cables. In such case, it is required to check connections and relocate them as soon as possible. Please check these again visually. If your battery has not run out, it is likely that charging generator has broken down. If generator has broken down, car key will not turn again. In addition, vehicles have ‘V’ belt. Battery lamp may flash due to this V belt. ‘V’ belt receives power from battery and supports starting of engine. V belt may break off or loosen. For solution of flashing of battery lamp, we recommend you not to use your battery longer than its life. In general, life of batteries used in automobiles is two years.

What Should We Do If Battery Lamp Flashes On the Way?

If battery lamp flashes en route, then we should ask the question why battery lamp flashes. First of all, we should drive to the shoulder without endangering ourselves and other people in traffic and stop the vehicle. After stopping on the shoulder, we should turn necessary warning lights and open the hood of the vehicle. If you see any broken belt or part on especially front section of engine, you should call service or tow truck. Battery lamp may flash en route due to belt brakes or any failure in alternator. If warning lamp of battery flashes, it means there is a failure in charge circuit and system. Battery cannot be charged while warning lamp flashes. You can still drive until battery of vehicle runs out, but you should turn off all electric tools of vehicle like radio, headlight, in-vehicle lighting, etc. since you should drive to a short distance after warning lamp of battery starts to flash.

What Should We Do to Turn Off Battery Lamp?

If battery lamp continues to flash after you start the engine and flashes for a long time, you should apply to a service. The reason why battery lamp flashes may be charging generator or alternator should be replaced. You may have problems on the way if battery is not checked regularly or replaced. Therefore, you should have your vehicle checked if battery lamp does not turn off. You should replace your battery every other year. If you do not replace your battery, electrical connection systems will fail.

Find the Right Battery for Your Vehicle

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