Equipment of Battery Technical Service

Cotter Voltmeter: Discharges the battery for a short time by drawing current from the battery. Authorized service monitors values of first voltage, voltage during current is drawn and last voltage, then collects information about the failure. This equipment is only used for testing processes. With this voltmeter, surface voltage of battery or vehicle must not be measured.

Hydrometer: Used in open-system batteries to measure acid intensity in cells. Intensity values in all cells should be measured in terms of failure determination.

Rectifier: Helps failure determination to solve battery sulphation situation.

Inductive Pickup: Used to measure fixed electrical consumption value on the vehicle. For an accurate measurement, those with 10 ml ampere sensitivity should be preferred.

Digital Multimeter: Used to measure surface voltage of battery and charging voltage of vehicle.

Devices of Conductivity Test: Those devices inform us about accuracy rate of battery. They are used to determine the condition of battery. It is not recommended to use those devices in warranty processes.

IS Battery Tester CLM: Designed with 30-year experience in battery technology, this device is able to detect whether failure results from use of customer or production and determine accuracy rate of battery. In addition, you may print the result with a printer integrated on it and store data with SD card.

Find the Right Battery for Your Vehicle

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