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This website is owned and operated by İnci GS Yuasa and offered to you for informative uses. All users accessing or using this website shall be deemed to accept these terms of use. You can access contact details of İnci GS Yuasa and of other companies on the “contact” section of this website.


All contents on the website are owned by İnci GS Yuasa. All intellectual rights of the website (including copyrights and neighboring rights) are and will be reserved by İnci GS Yuasa and content partners including various İnci GS Yuasa companies. This website cannot be used other than limits specified in Terms of Use.

Unless otherwise specified, this website is designed for your impersonal and noncommercial use. Any information, software, product or service provided by the website cannot be modified, copied, transferred, exhibited, executed, duplicated, published, licensed, reproduced, assigned or sold by you. You may view, make electronic copy of and download a part of materials provided and print out written materials for your noncommercial use provided that you shall not modify or delete any copyright, trademark or patent. It is not allowed to modify, duplicate, distribute, publish, exhibit, transfer any material on this website and act in a similar way without written consent of İnci GS Yuasa.

Software, files, graphics, data and materials that you download are owned by İnci GS Yuasa and companies which have licenses granted by İnci GS Yuasa. If you download such materials, these may be taken back from you by İnci GS Yuasa under license protection. You cannot redistribute or resell materials or change or reshape their forms.

Use of Website and Responsibility

Even if İnci GS Yuasa takes necessary actions to protect its systems and software against computer viruses or programs called “Trojan Horse” and similar (viruses), it shall not be responsible for computer and system damages to arise when persons and companies tour the website or download a material or due to other websites links of which are provided on this website.

Persons shall be legally responsible for contents and materials uploaded to the website during use of the website as owners of said content and İnci GS Yuasa shall not accept any responsibility on such contents. It is not allowed to upload a commercial content to the website.

If any person, institution and organization using the website hacks the website, performs illegal actions that damages the systems by creeping in to the website through methods like virus, Trojan horse, uploads pornographic unethical, racist, provocative, threatful, violent contents or contents that violate names, brands and copyrights of third parties or constitute illegality in any way to the website, distributes or publishes such contents or blocks access to the website off through illegal methods, İnci GS Yuasa shall reserve rights to remove such contents, suspend or cancel membership of those who perform such actions, suspend their access to website temporarily, take legal steps or demand compensation against perpetrators of such actions.

İnci GS Yuasa shall not be responsible for damages to other website users or 3rd persons and institutions as a result of actions specified above. User shall be exclusively responsible for risks arising from use of the website.

As per Privacy Policy, all ideas, recommendations, comments, graphics and other information that you deliver to İnci GS Yuasa shall remain in the property of İnci GS Yuasa even it this agreement is terminated in the future, excluding information that are determinable personally. İnci GS Yuasa and its authorities shall be free to copy, disclose, distribute, integrate and use any information that you deliver to us for all commercial and noncommercial purposes without any liability to pay under any reason.

Contents of İnci GS Yuasa

Consist of general information and are not intended for meeting needs of a private person, institution and third party. Do not feature as an agreement between İnci GS Yuasa and website users. Do not guarantee performance of products and services. Are not required to be comprehensive, completed or certain. Are not considered professional opinion or any recommendation.

Links to Other Websites

This Website enables you to access other global websites. If you visit any of those websites, you should review privacy and other policies of them. İnci GS Yuasa does not control those websites. Check the Web address (URL) in the address section of your website to understand you still tour on the website of İnci GS Yuasa or another website. We are not responsible for policies and implementations of other companies. You accept to take the risks that may arise while accessing those websites.

Privacy Policy

Please visit the section “Privacy Policy” on the website to read Privacy Policy in detail.

Modifications in Terms of Use

İnci GS Yuasa may at any time modify terms of use of the website without any announcement or notification. Modifications supersede the terms of use specified above. If any modification is made, users shall be subject to new terms of use. Therefore, it is recommended to visit this page regularly.


In the event that any provision of these terms of use is deemed invalid or inapplicable, that term shall be replaced with another valid and applicable provision that is the closest to the purpose of the original provision and other provisions shall remain in force.


If any section of these terms of use is not implemented by İnci GS Yuasa, this shall not mean that İnci GS Yuasa withdraws from its right to implement these terms of use for past or future actions of any person. If İnci GS Yuasa trusts actions of any person, this shall not mean that İnci GS Yuasa withdraws from these terms of use. Only expressive and written waiver notice that is signed by an authorized representative of İnci GS Yuasa shall be valid.

Judicial Authorization

This website is controlled and operated by İnci GS Yuasa. For settlement of any dispute in connection with the website and website content, Turkish Material and Procedural Law shall be implemented and Turkish courts and Enforcement Offices shall be entitled exclusively.

Privacy Policies

Automatic Collection of Impersonal Data

Your impersonal data may be collected automatically as long as you use the website (for example, web browser you use to enter the website). Such information shall not provide information on your identity; however, records of these log files kept for statistical purposes help İnci GS Yuasa develop its website. For example; to see which pages are popular and which pages are not). When you visit the website, such information may be stored in your computer automatically with use of progies called “cookie”. With “cookies”, you will not need to set information whenever you enter the website. In this way, your privacy cannot be violated in any case and your computer may block “cookies” when you want.


Cookies are information particles that a website transfers to computer of a person to record. Therefore, you can record your preferences while visiting a website and develop your online experience. Cookies do not contain any personal information, extract your system profile or transfer information from your computer.

When you enter the website, we may place “cookie” on your computer. Temporary cookies are used to count how many times you visit our website. Such temporary cookies are deleted when you close your web browser. A permanent “cookie” may be recorded on your computer through your web browser. When you open a page, this cookie notifies you whether you visited the website before. “Cookie” does not collect any personal information about you, transfer any personal information for us to contact you and also transfer any information from your computer. We use “Cookie” to determine the sections in our website that draw your attention mostly and offer you them more on our page.

“Help” section of tool bar on most of web browsers provides information on how to protect your web browser against new cookies, namely how to ensure your web browser warns you when a new cookie is determine or how to block all cookies. Please remember that Cookies ensure you can benefit from the newest properties of the website of İnci GS Yuasa, we recommend you to activate cookies.

Competitions and Promotions

Sometimes, we may publish promotions related our campaigns on our website. In some cases, you may allowed to enter promotions electronically. In such case, we use information you provide to conduct the promotion campaign (for example; if you win, we will contact us). Within a reasonable time after the end of promotion, your personal information will be deleted from our database if you do not allow us to keep information and contact you again.

Questionnaires and Researches

Sometimes, we may ask those who visit our website to fill out questionnaires about their attitudes and interests. Questionnaires help us understand your needs. If sample questionnaire answers are published on the website, any personal information shall not be added.

Links to Other Websites

İnci GS Yuasa does not guarantee contents of each website links of which are provided on its website. In addition, each website has its own privacy policies. You should always read privacy policy of any website you visit to know your rights.

Preference and Control

You have full control on your personal information that you notify through our website. If wish, you may delete your records completely. If you want to delete your records, please send an e-mail to the address specified below. When you have your records deleted, you accept to withdraw from your right to participate in campaigns and competitions.

Important Information for Children

If you are under 18, please ask and get permission from your parent or guardian before sharing your name, address, e-mail address or any of your information with any person on Internet.

Privacy Policy for Children

We may organize campaigns on some sections of our website, such as competitions, bets, etc. In such cases, participative children and those who are under 18 are required to provide contact details of their parents or guardians along with their contact details. If children who participate in campaigns and competitions and notify us their ages win, we will contact their parents/guardians (not the children) if their contact details are provided to obtain more personal information for delivery of the gift. We do not use personal information of the child or his/her parent/guardian for any purpose other than the campaign and share them (if we do not tell expressly in the warning that we send to parents) with third parties (other than companies mentioned above that provide us service support).

Updates on Privacy Policy

We may modify or update any section of this privacy policy without notifying beforehand. Please check our website regularly to be informed about modifications and updates on announcements. The date when announcement enters into force will be determined on the first page of announcement. Any modification cannot be implemented to include previous cases and change the situation on how to use information used in the past.