Quality Policy

Our Purpose

To ensure sustainable customer satisfaction.

Our Goal

To offer advanced technology, product and quality to raise the value of our company.

Our Policy

To comply with all laws and standards of quality, safety and performance requirements in all countries where we provide our products and services in and review our compliance consistently,

Maintain customer satisfaction passionately and establish long-term loyalty with our customers and suppliers to develop customer satisfaction,

Simplify our processes and improve them consistently with the principle of Quality Management,

Popularize Quick Response Quality Control (QRQC) in all facilities in order to find root causes of problems and produce proactive and permanent solutions,

Make product reliability and performance sustainable with the philosophy of quality in design,

Use our resources efficiently and effectively, add value to any work we perform,

Work with suppliers appropriate to our Quality Policy and help them develop consistently,

Ensure all of our employees are aware of management systems and make experiences gained on this a company memory,

Protect the whole of supply chain and environment against possible risks.

Top Management of İnci GS Yuasa undertakes on behalf of all of its employees that conditions of Management Systems will be followed within this policy.

Executive Board Director