Quality Policy


To ensure customer satisfaction that is sustainable.


To provide advanced technology, product and quality in order to raise the value of our organization.


In every single country in which we provide products and services, to comply with all of the laws and standards relating to quality, safety and performance requirements and to apply revision of our compliance on a continuous basis,

To render customer satisfaction sustainable, to improve it on a continuous basis, to establish a long-term commitment with the part of our customers and suppliers,

To simplify our processes on the basis of the principle of Quality Management and to improve them on a continuous basis,

To make use of the tools of the Management System (8D, QRQC etc.) in an efficient way in the structure of all of our facilities and to generalize this with the purpose of having access to the root causes of problems, to generate proactive and permanent solutions,

To render the quality philosophy as well as product reliability and performance sustainable from the angle of design,

To make use of our resources in an efficient and effective way; to contribute value for every single work, which we carry out,

To cooperate with suppliers who are appropriate for our Quality Policy and to provide assistance for their continuous development,

To ensure that all of our employees gain consciousness on the matters of management systems and to turn the experiences that are procured on this path into the company’s memory,

To protect the whole supply chain and the surroundings from potential risks.

Inci GS Yuasa Top Management undertakes on behalf of all of the employees that the requirements of the Management Systems will be complied with fully within the scope of this policy.

Managing Director

Document No: PLT-01 / Date of Publication: 10.08.2014 / Rev.No: 03 / Date of Rev.: 18.10.2022