Quality Policy


To ensure sustainable customer satisfaction


In order to increase the value of our corporation, to introduce advanced technology, product and quality


In each country we are providing products and services to comply with all laws and standards about quality, safety and performance requirements and to review our compliance continuously,

To maintain customer satisfaction with passion, to create long term loyalty with our customers and suppliers in order to develop continuously,

To simplify and develop our processes continuously with Quality Management principles,

To identify root causes of problems, to generalize Quick Response Quality Control (QRQC) in all facilities for the purpose of creating proactive and permanent solutions,

To ensure sustainability of product reliability and performance based on philosophy of quality in design,

To utilize our sources efficiently and productively; to add a new value to each work we have performed,

To work with suppliers suitable for our Quality Policies and to assist their continuous improvement,

To raise awareness of all of our employees on management systems and to create company memory with the experiences achieved in this process,

To protect entire supply chain and environment against potential risks,

Senior Management of İnci GS Yuasa commits to comply with conditions of Management Systems completely in behalf of all of employees under the scope of this policy.

Director of Executive Board