Customer Satisfaction Policy


As İnci GS Yuasa, we undertake to define, implement and maintain the process of handling complaints.


Adequate resources have been created and enabled to be accessible in order to handle the complaints received in our facilities. Meanwhile, the necessary management mechanism has been established and enabled to function for the effective and efficient use of these resources.


As Inci GS Yuasa, our all institutional and individual customers, personnel and other parties have been notified about our process to handle the complaints. Any question, request, satisfaction and complaint, feedback and applications regarding our products and/or services can be submitted to us.


For application and feedbacks, our call center number at 444 5 258(AKÜ) and our websites,,,, can be used to access us.


Applications and feedbacks are recorded by the Customer Experience Department, and the registration number to follow up the record is notified to the notification owner via SMS, e-mail or telephone.


Any notification received by our facility is handled in an objective, fair and unbiased manner within the scope of handling the complaints.


No fee is requested to be paid by the applicants under any name during the evaluation of the notifications received by our facility, and this process is free of charge for applicants.


Inci GS Yuasa ensures that information is correct, that it is not misleading, and that the collected data is relevant, accurate, complete, meaningful and useful when handling the complaints.


Inci GS Yuasa does not share the personal data received from the notification owners with any department and/or institution/organization within the scope of handling complaints. Personal data are kept confidential all the time according to the law on the protection of personal data. However, if explicitly given consent or required by the law, the data might be disclosed.


Our customers for whom we aim to provide satisfaction are provided with applicable solutions within the framework of company policies and legal regulations and attached importance to meet their expectations and protect their rights.


All notifications and applications received by our facilities are recorded and evaluated, and the decisions taken based on the evaluations are notified to the application owners by specifying the reason behind the decision.


As Inci GS Yuasa, we aim to detect the areas which are open for constant improvement through constant improvement philosophy in the complaint handling process and to carry out the process in an effective and efficient manner all the time.


It is aimed to ensure that the personnel who handle the notifications received by our facilities have personal competency and are updated all the time based on the needs.


As Inci GS Yuasa, we aim to handle and conclude all feedbacks within the possible shortest time period based on the subject and method used in the evaluation process.

As Inci GS Yuasa, we undertake to produce solution for each notification received by our facilities on time, contribute to the constant improvement of product/service quality and customer satisfaction by taking into consideration the financial, operational, institutional and economic conditions based on legal regulations and involving our employees and all stakeholders in the process and in the light of aforementioned principles in order to establish long-lasting relations with our customers.

Execution Board Director

Document No. PLT-03 / Date of Publication: 10.08.2014 / Rev.No: 05 / Rev. Date: 18.10.2022