Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our batteries are starter and lead-acid batteries (TS EN 50342-1).

  • If your battery breaks down, you should immediately apply to service points with your warranty certificate or (for new vehicles) vehicle license. In case battery is treated by any person other than authorized services, your battery will be out of warranty.

  • In the event that any of the following situations are determined during analysis of your battery by an authorized service, your Battery SHALL NOT BE COVERED BY WARRANTY:

    a) Plate corrosions due to charging upon hardening of battery resulting from failures and malfunctions in electric equipment of vehicle (starter, charging generator, alternator, voltage regulator, leakage in electric wiring, lamps left open, radio, tape, vebasto, etc.),

    b) Battery and vehicle damages due to current discharge resulting from static electric, short circuit of battery terminals and explosions resulting from loose connection, incorrect connection of battery terminal polarity to the polarity of vehicle cable (cross-connection),

    c) Corrosion due to pure water added incorrectly by a person other than authorized service and other foreign substances and corrosions in battery resulting from impacts of external factors after battery is mounted to the vehicle (deformation, impact, fracture, etc.),

    d) Vehicles like taxi or commercial vehicles should be use batteries that are specified in product range convenient to them. Early corrosions resulting from use of inconvenient batteries shall not be covered by warranty.

    e) Auxiliary installations like walkie talkie, telephone, alarm, television, trip computer and LPG equipment should be convenient to the capacity of battery defined for the vehicle. Otherwise, battery shall be out of warranty.

    f) Storage of battery under inappropriate conditions (under direct sunlight, snow or rain), exposure to extreme hot or cold weather, leakage of water into gas ducts, failures resulting from blocked gas holes,

    g) If charging or discharging of battery is unbalanced due to receiving separate output from any of batteries in vehicles operating with double batteries as series (24V) or parallel (12V), battery shall be out of warranty.

  • You may access to contact details of authorized service that is closest to you by clicking the link

  • After authorized service analyzes the battery, battery with fabrication failure that arises within warranty period as of date of sale will be replaced with the new one. Warranty period of battery that is replaced within warranty coverage shall be limited to the remaining warranty period of the battery bought first.

  • a) Warranty Period shall be 2 years (24 months) for automobiles.

    b) Warranty Period shall be 1 year (12 months) for commercial taxi, automobile, truck and pickup, intercity bus, shared taxi , minibus and midibus.

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