Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are divided into four categories as start-stop, semi-hybrid, full-hybrid and full-electric. Full-electric vehicles operate through electric motors supplied with battery groups. Those vehicles do not release carbon dioxide emission to the environment.

They are required to be charged periodically with electric power depending on ranges. Batteries are the most important components of electric vehicles. Capacity of battery determines the range of vehicle and batteries that are developed for different technologies depending on other electrical consumptions of the vehicle, as well as required range.

For electric vehicle group; not only lead-acid technology, but also technologies like lithium-ion nickel metal hybrid are used.

Features of Electric Vehicle Batteries

Thanks to the ultimate position of technology, various revolutions have been realized in structure, operating mechanism and production of vehicles. In the recent years during which protection of nature has become the focal point, some matters have stimulated this development rapidly, such as noise pollution, air pollution and consumption of environment-friendly energies.

Within this context, automotive industry has expanded its mission with the production of electric vehicles. Rapid spread of electric vehicles in the recent years has enabled the drivers to have an idea about what they need in addition to driving comfort of their vehicles.

Electric vehicles are divided into four categories as hybrid, semi-hybrid, “start-stop” and full-electric. Those vehicles are commonly preferred since they do not release carbon dioxide emission to the environment and have a technology more beneficial to the nature and environment.

Therefore, battery becomes more important in such a vehicle that electric components occupy a large place. Being activated in standard automobiles as soon as engine starts and being more important for producing required energy from spark plugs to music system, batteries become much more important when it comes to electric vehicles.

Even if distance electric vehicles travel requires charging from time to time, durability of battery also determines the distance of those vehicles. Being such a critical component, batteries are selected depending on ability to supply required energy with the highest performance.

Ready-to-use and maintenance-free (under normal conditions) batteries convert battery quality that affects the performance of your vehicle into a qualification that ensures your comfort.

Its design to meet high amount of energy required puts its quality forward and they have 3.5 times more cycle, more starting capacity at 30% and rapid-charging feature when compared to standard batteries thanks to fiber-based separators.

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