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Seven Years of İnci GS Yuasa Partnership Marked by Technological Breakthroughs


The strategic cooperation between İnci Holding and Japanese battery giant GS Yuasa, which started in 2015, has brought İnci GS Yuasa the technology leadership in the battery sector in just seven years. İnci GS Yuasa, one of the most important industrial collaborations between Turkey and Japan in the last decade, has increased its added value both in the sector and in Turkey in seven years.  

Tsuyoshi Kameda, Chairman of the company, and Cihan Elbirlik, Deputy Chairman, stated that İnci GS Yuasa’s transformation from a battery company into a technology company makes them proud. The two experienced figures of the sector said that R&D and innovation investments played an important role in this success. 

İnci GS Yuasa, a subsidiary of İnci Holding, a well-established company of the automotive supply industry in Turkey, and Japanese GS Yuasa, a global battery giant, are celebrating the seventh anniversary of their partnership this year. In their joint statement, Tsuyoshi Kameda, Chairman of İnci GS Yuasa and Cihan Elbirlik, Deputy Chairman of İnci GS Yuasa, stated that the R&D and innovation activities carried out since 2015 have made İnci GS Yuasa the technology leader of the battery industry. The statement goes on to say that the last seven years of the company were marked by ever-increasing R&D investments, state-of-the-art product innovations, Akümgelsin, the digital platform for consumers’ battery orders, and Weeport, the digital communication platform for dealers.  

“Our shared passion for technology is the key to our success”

Emphasizing that they have grown by increasing their battery exports by 80 percent since the beginning of the partnership and that they have been at the heart of millions of vehicles both at home and abroad by producing battery solutions that store 25,000 megawatt hours of energy, Cihan Elbirlik, Deputy Chairman of İnci GS Yuasa, said: “The synergy we have created with the Japanese giant GS Yuasa and our shared passion for technology have been the key to our success since day one. At this point, we are proud to see that we have transformed from a battery company into a technology company. In seven years, we grew 6 times in terms of turnover and broke many new grounds. These include the production of our EFB MAX TIGRIS and AGM LEO series, which we have designed and introduced to our sector and are exclusive to the new generation Start/Stop vehicles, the production of our renewed AGM LEO series, and the introduction of our heavy vehicle product family, which we have renewed with the latest technological features, to our consumers. In addition, with our Akümgelsin service, which we launched with a start-up approach that will meet the battery needs of consumers instantly and on site, and which is unparalleled in the sector, we have undertaken out spot-on efforts, exceeding the expectations of consumers. We made a breakthrough in the digital world with Weeport, our digital platform that strengthens our fast communication with our dealers. The commissioning of our third factory and the lines designed and produced by our own team of engineers elevated us to a whole new level in terms of production.” 

“It is no coincidence that İnci GS Yuasa is the technology leader in its sector”

Stating that the strategic partnership is one of the most successful examples of the Turkish-Japanese cooperation and that continued innovative efforts have carried İnci GS Yuasa beyond its targets, Tsuyoshi Kameda, Chairman of İnci GS Yuasa, stated that breakthroughs in technology shape the future of the market. Kameda said, “Our company, which was born out of our partnership, is the technology leader in the battery industry in Turkey. GS Yuasa stands out with the energy solutions it offers to a wide range of areas from submarines to spaceports. The work we have carried out at İnci GS Yuasa by building on this know-how both excites us and makes us proud. GS Yuasa’s century-old experience, combined with Turkey’s strong location, growth-oriented and open approach to innovation, creates a huge potential. I believe that we will further increase our technological power and leadership in the coming period.”