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Make sure to check your battery, the most vital component of your vehicle, in winter!


In these days of increasing cold weather, İnci Akü, the world’s energy expert, offers crucial reminders to drivers regarding the maintenance and checks of their batteries. İnci Akü authorities underscore the significance of battery maintenance for a secure journey during the winter season as temperatures decrease and provide essential tips for winter conditions. Authorities also note that drivers requiring a battery replacement anywhere in Türkiye can seamlessly proceed with their journeys by contacting Akümgelsin or utilizing the 444 5 258 WhatsApp hotline to access on-site battery replacement services.

İnci Akü, the world’s energy expert, issues crucial reminders for drivers, urging them not to overlook battery maintenance and checks during the winter season, especially as temperatures drop. Highlighting the pivotal role of batteries in ensuring vehicle and travel safety during challenging winter conditions, authorities from İnci Akü provided drivers with essential tips on battery maintenance and checks.

In the winter months, when temperatures drop, the maintenance and checks of batteries, the most vital component of vehicles, become significantly more crucial. Key areas to be inspected include the battery terminal area and the battery securing mechanism, which are essential for proper functioning. Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that the battery is adequately charged to prevent quick discharge, especially in cold weather conditions.

Monitoring battery terminals, voltage values, and sulfation are critical

Highlighting the importance of uninterrupted service and periodic inspections, İnci Akü authorities emphasize that batteries should undergo checks every six months for individual use and every three months for commercial use to ensure resistance to winter conditions. Battery maintenance should also address the surface voltage, and if it drops below 12.60 volts, it is crucial to prepare the battery for winter conditions by subjecting it to rectifier charging. Failure to perform this check can lead to sulfation, resulting in capacity losses and being the primary cause of battery freezing during the winter months.

Authorities emphasize that surface voltage checks apply to both closed system batteries and open system batteries. For open system batteries, it is crucial to check the electrolyte level by opening the plug caps. In instances where this level is lower than required, authorities recommend adding only distilled water, maintaining it one finger above the length of the plate. The tightness of the connection points must be ensured for batteries with a voltage above 12.60 volts. Stating that battery installation should be conducted by applying Vaseline oil, not grease, to the terminals, İnci Akü authorities highlight that capacity losses (sulfation) might occur more rapidly, particularly in vehicles with high fixed consumption values when the engine is off, even if battery maintenance is carried out.

In commercial vehicles, it is essential to turn off the battery switch after use

Emphasizing the importance of tractor battery maintenance in the agricultural machinery group during winter months, İnci Akü authorities recommend turning off the battery switches if not in use. In cases where there is

no switch, they strongly advise removing the battery terminals, emphasizing that the battery switch should be turned off after the vehicle is used. However, in vehicles equipped with a start-stop system (vehicles using AGM & EFB batteries), there is no need to remove the battery terminals. If the ambient temperature is too low, the start-stop system may automatically prevent activation. The authorities emphasize that this situation is normal and does not indicate a problem with the battery.

Authorities emphasize that batteries that are not regularly maintained and contaminated are more prone to malfunction during the winter months. They state that it is necessary to clean the battery from dirt to prevent this and avoid electricity leakage. Authorities also recommend that after checking the charging capacity, if there is undercharging due to systemic malfunction, charging should be supplemented. It is also crucial to check whether the V-belt of the battery is slipping and whether there is any corrosion where it is connected to the chassis. It is recommended to disconnect the battery and the terminal cable if the vehicle will not be used for a certain period of time. According to the authorities, to prevent charging problems in the battery of vehicles that are started for the first time after a long time, idling the vehicle for 20-30 minutes or using it for at least that long will yield effective results.

İnci Akü provides driver support through Akümgelsin 444 5 258 (AKÜ) service hotline

Crafted in line with İnci Akü’s commitment to customer satisfaction, the cutting-edge Akümgelsin service provides assistance to drivers through its 444 5 258 (AKÜ) hotline and user-friendly website: https://www.akumgelsin.com.tr/. Drivers can effortlessly submit their battery requests on the Akümgelsin platform and promptly avail themselves of the on-site service offered by Akümgelsin if needed. As part of the Akümgelsin service, the Akümgelsin Chatbox on the website, featuring quick responses powered by artificial intelligence, facilitates the swift identification of tailored solutions to drivers’ issues.

Prioritizing timely responses to customer needs, İnci Akü suggests the most suitable İnci Akü product based on the vehicle’s brand, year of production, model, and engine volume through the “Find Your Battery” application on its website.

Through the “Find Your Dealer” application on İnci Akü’s website, drivers can easily locate the nearest İnci Akü sales points and authorized service providers based on their province, district, and service type criteria on https://www.inciaku.com/tr/.