İnci Battery WIN Eurasia

İnci Battery took place at WIN Eurasia


Bringing industry giants together, CeMAT Eurasia was held in İstanbul Tüyap Exhibition and Congress Center between March 14 – 17. İnci Battery, the leader of domestic traction battery market introduced its traction batteries and industrial customer solutions to the sector players at the fair.

At CeMAT Eurasia Fair, which is gathered under the roof of WIN Eurasia fair and is one of the 6 fairs to be held simultaneously, important companies of logistics, intralogistics and logistics information technologies came together at Tüyap Exhibition and Congress Center for the 18th time. İnci Battery, the industrial battery brand of İnci GS Yuasa, which is the association of İnci Holding and Japanese GS Yuasa took its place at the fair that brings logistics, intralogistics and logistics information technologies together with an innovative approach as every year. İnci Battery introduced its innovative products and services to the sector professionals at the fair with the participation of Cihan Elbirlik, Executive Board Director of İnci GS Yuasa and Kojiro Shibata, OE and Industrial Battery Director.

Mr. Elbirlik: We are on the road to be an important player in the European Market.

Stating that they work so hard to ensure sustainable development with their investments in technology and innovation, Cihan Elbirlik, Executive Board Director of İnci GS Yuasa said: “Upon our partnership established with GS Yuasa, Japanese battery leader in 2015, we are supported by specialty and experience of 100-year Japanese technology and maintain producing traction batteries that have high technology and quality in our industrial factory. Our R&D activities for future versions of these batteries are being conducted without slowing down. With the advantage of our geographical position and high-quality product and service warranty that we provide, we have reached an important sale network in many European countries, especially including Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Italy".

He added: “İnci GS Yuasa has expanded its service network to provide premium services to its customers that it sees as a business partner, as well as producing high-quality products. It offers after-sale solutions for every corner of Turkey and raises customer satisfaction to the ultimate levels. The most important indicator of satisfaction of our customers in our services is our domestic market leadership in industrial battery sector for years. We are working more and more everyday to give the value for their trust”.

New Investments On the Way

Kojiro Shibata, OE and Industrial Battery Director said: “We are adding new customers in the foreign market year by year. We have started to conduct necessary operations to increase our production capacity with new investments to be made in this year in order to meet growing demands for İnci Battery brand in the European Market. We aim to multiply our production capacity as soon as possible. We produce our traction batteries that we have been producing as per DIN Standards since the last year in accordance with BS (British) standard. We conduct and continue to conduct all the necessary operations to produce technology of the future”.