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İnci Akü showcases its latest AGM Heavy-Duty Vehicle batteries at Automechanika İstanbul on its 40th anniversary


Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, İnci Akü,the world’s energy expert, unveiled its latest innovation, the ‘AGM LEO HD’ heavy-duty vehicle batteries, designed for long-haul vehicles, at Automechanika, one of the automotive industry’s most prestigious fairs held in İstanbul from May 23 to 26. The AGM LEO HD batteries, crafted with Japanese technology, promise high performance and durability for heavy-duty tasks.  

İnci Akü, a prominent brand under İnci GS Yuasa, a subsidiary of İnci Holding and the Japanese battery giant GS Yuasa, participated in this year’s Automechanika İstanbul, hosted at the İstanbul TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center from May 23 to 26. At booth B255 in Hall 7, İnci Akü showcased its groundbreaking ‘AGM LEO HD’ heavy-duty vehicle batteries, specifically engineered for heavy-duty vehicles, marking the debut of this top-tier product in its segment.  

AGM LEO HD by İnci Akü, Türkiye’s most valuable battery brand, emerges as the pinnacle of its class, boasting up to 4.5 times longer life*. Engineered to withstand the harshest road conditions and sudden shocks, it features maximum vibration resistance (MVR) at V4 level. With its cutting-edge technologies, AGM LEO HD stands as a reliable companion for heavy-duty vehicle drivers, offering unparalleled performance and durability in all conditions.  

AGM LEO HD, equipped with the highest level of vibration resistance (V4) according to European Standards, ensures superior performance even in the most demanding road conditions, thanks to its advanced MVR feature. With its fully sealed and maintenance-free design, AGM LEO HD offers maximum reliability, making it the ideal choice for heavy-duty vehicle drivers, fleets, and businesses. The AGM LEO HD battery by İnci Akü comes with a 2-year warranty**, for heavy-duty vehicle drivers involved in freight transportation. 

Kadir Kaymakçı, Executive Director of İnci GS Yuasa, expressed his satisfaction with the attention received at Automechanika İstanbul, one of the automotive industry’s most prestigious events, stating, “As İnci Akü, Türkiye’s most valuable battery brand within the İnci GS Yuasa family, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary this year, and we take pride in our operations spanning over 80 countries across 6 continents. With our batteries powering millions of vehicles worldwide for four decades, we persist in our journey of growth and goal attainment, leveraging our extensive experience. We distribute the batteries manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities in Manisa to consumers worldwide. We are delighted to participate in Automechanika İstanbul this year, one of the automotive industry’s most prestigious events, and showcase our latest products to attendees. As İnci GS Yuasa, we persist in being the most reliable energy storage company, nurturing strong relationships with our employees, business partners, suppliers, and expanding dealer network, and we maintain our momentum in investments with losing speed.” 

Gökçe Yılancıoğlu Tellici, Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager at İnci GS Yuasa, shared their delight in marking İnci Akü’s 40th anniversary and showcasing innovative products and technologies at Automechanika İstanbul, noting, “We’re thrilled to host visitors at Automechanika, a key event in the automotive sector, presenting our diverse product range catering to the needs of various vehicles, including passenger, light commercial, and heavy-duty vehicles. We prioritize delivering technological innovations swiftly to our customers, and this year, at Automechanika İstanbul, we were proud to unveil our AGM LEO HD series, crafted with Japanese technology, and the pinnacle of performance in its class, specifically tailored for heavy-duty vehicles. The AGM LEO HD series, launched at the fair, boasts an impressive service life up to 4.5 times longer*, particularly suited for heavy-duty vehicles with demanding electrical needs and enduring vibration. Moreover, it enhances the performance of heavy-duty vehicles under all conditions, boasting maximum vibration resistance at the V4 level in compliance with European standards. In today’s world characterized by rising customer expectations and fierce competition, we persist in delivering services marked by innovation, technology-driven solutions, unwavering quality, and reliability.” 

Two-thirds of the EUR 70 million investment directed towards R&D and technology 

İnci GS Yuasa, prioritizing technological advancement, has allocated two-thirds of its EUR 70 million investment over the past eight years to R&D and technology development, fostering its continuous growth. Currently, boasting an expanding production capacity at its facilities in Manisa, İnci GS Yuasa achieves an annual output of 750 thousand industrial batteries and 7 million batteries for passenger, light commercial, and heavy-duty vehicles. This enables the company to cater to both the automotive aftermarket (AFM) and the world’s foremost brands as their original equipment (OE) provider. 

*Offers up to 4.5 times longer lifespan compared to the İnci Akü SuprA Heavy-Duty Vehicle series. 

** The warranty period for commercial vehicles is 1 year for all products, except for the İnci Akü Formul A Taurus Heavy Duty, İnci Akü Maxim A Gorilla Heavy Duty, İnci Akü EFB Pantera Heavy Duty, İnci Akü AGM LEO Heavy Duty series, which are exclusively for heavy-duty commercial vehicles engaged in freight transportation, offering a 2-year warranty.