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İnci Akü’s meaningful gift to farmers on its 40th anniversary...


As a sponsor of the annual Emiralem Strawberry Festival in Menemen, İzmir, İnci Akü, the world’s energy expert, gifted ‘İnci Akü Supr A Sentor’ series tractor batteries to the top three farmers in the competitions.   

İnci Akü, the leading brand of İnci GS Yuasa, a subsidiary of İnci Holding and the Japanese battery giant GS Yuasa, awarded tractor batteries to the top three farmers at the 14th Emiralem Strawberry Festival in Menemen, İzmir. The festival, held annually, aims to promote Emiralem strawberries globally.  

The festival, held on May 11-12 this year, drew significant attention from İzmir and its surrounding districts, with approximately 700 thousand attendees. As part of the festival, singer Simge Sağın performed on stage, and various competitions and activities, including “Best Strawberry Cake,” “Most Beautiful Strawberry Field,” and “Best Strawberry,” were organized, showcasing different types of strawberries. 

One of the festival’s sponsors, İnci Akü, Türkiye’s most valuable battery brand, presented ‘İnci Akü Supr A Sentor’ tractor batteries to three farmers who excelled in the competitions and won first place. Menemen Mayor Aydın Pehlivan, Menemen District Governor Fatih Yılmaz, Menemen Chief Public Prosecutor Hüseyin Kaçar, Menemen District Police Chief Gürcan Alev, Menemen District Gendarmerie Commander Atilla Vurganer, Menemen Chamber of Agriculture President Yücel Altıntaş, and former Emiralem Town Mayor Veli Dal presented the awards to the winning farmers. 

Tellici: “We wanted to demonstrate our steadfast support for our farmers” 

Gökçe Yılancıoğlu Tellici, Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager at İnci GS Yuasa, one of the festival’s supporters, said, “As a brand that originated and flourished in İzmir before expanding globally, we remain committed to supporting this region and its people as we celebrate our 40th anniversary. We continue our social responsibility initiatives in İzmir and Manisa through collaborations with public institutions, organizations, and NGOs. As part of these efforts, we sponsored this year’s Emiralem Strawberry Festival in Menemen, one of the most significant strawberry-producing regions in our country, to demonstrate our steadfast support for our farmers, who are the cornerstone of agricultural production. Alongside our support for the festival, we were delighted to provide tractor and agricultural machinery batteries to three successful farmers who excelled in the organized competitions. As İnci GS Yuasa, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone, particularly our farmers, who contributed to this event that unites producers and consumers.” 

Over 700 thousand participants this year 

Emiralem, accounting for 65 percent of İzmir’s strawberry production, holds significant importance in both Türkiye’s and the Aegean Region’s strawberry cultivation. The Emiralem Strawberry Festival, now in its 14th year, continues to draw increasing interest as it aims to celebrate strawberry producers and showcase the Emiralem strawberries to a global audience. This year’s festival attracted over 700 thousand attendees, with hundreds of booths scattered across the festival grounds, bringing producers and consumers together and providing families and children with an enjoyable time.