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İnci Akü not leaving its drivers on the road with ‘444 5 258 (AKU)’ line


İnci Akü, the energy expert of the world provides drivers with assistance with ‘Alo Akü’ line 444 2 258 (AKU) serving for 7 days and 24 hours across Turkey.

Drivers calling ‘Alo Akü’ line that was activated by İnci Akü in 2016 with its high customer satisfaction approach can receive various services, such as road assistance, tow truck, in-place battery sale, recommendation and technical information. All drivers can call and use this service regardless of battery brand they use in their vehicles.

“Quick solution in everywhere needed”

Gökçe Yılancıoğlu Tellici, Corporate Communication and Marketing Manager of İnci GS Yuasa said: “Our vehicles stayed in park for a long time as we tried to stay home due to Covid-19 pandemic. So batteries may consume charge and as long as they wait, vehicle may have problems in operation. The risk for drivers to be stranded increases if battery maintenance is ignored. With Alo Akü line, we aim to help our drivers when they need and provide quick solutions. Drivers can also call our call center at home and counsel our energy experts about battery and receive in-place service. We can sell and replace battery in place within the scope of our services. Drivers who do not use İnci Akü in their vehicle can also use all our services. With our line available for 7/24, we can provide road assistance and tow truck services across Turkey”.