İnci Akü Extends the Warranty Period of Heavy Duty Products Using Japanese Technology to 2 Years


İnci Akü, the world's energy expert, has extended the current 1-year warranty period of Formul A Taurus Heavy Duty, Maxim A Gorilla Heavy Duty and EFB Pantera Heavy Duty series used in heavy duty commercial vehicles engaged in freight transportation to 2 years.

İnci Akü, the locomotive brand of İnci GS Yuasa, the pioneer company of the battery sector, continues to offer applications to meet its customers’ needs with its consumer-oriented approach. İnci Akü extended the warranty periods of İnci Akü Formul A Taurus Heavy Duty, İnci Akü Maxim A Gorilla Heavy Duty and İnci Akü EFB Pantera Heavy Duty large battery series, all developed with superior Japanese technology, to 2 years.

İnci GS Yuasa Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager Gökçe Yılancıoğlu Tellici stated the company's satisfaction in adding dynamism to the sector with its innovative products and noted; "We prioritize the expectations of our customers while keeping technology and innovation at our focus in all the products we offer. As İnci Akü, while designing our Formul A Taurus Heavy Duty, Maxim A Gorilla Heavy Duty and EFB Pantera Heavy Duty products, we paid special attention to meet drivers' expectations from batteries such as long cycle life in heavy vehicles with high electricity consumers and additional equipment, and high vibration resistance in vehicles operating under rough road conditions. Our high-performance batteries with EVR (Extra Vibration Resistant) technology are designed to ensure that our consumers have a safe journey. To this end, we extended the warranty period of our products from 1 year to 2 years. As İnci GS Yuasa, we aim to both maintain the satisfaction of our consumers and underline our quality as well as our claim in the heavy vehicle segment with this application."

İnci Akü Formul A Taurus Heavy Duty offers high durability from the beginning to the end of the road by challenging the harshest conditions with up to twice as long battery life* and up to 10 times longer vibration resistance*. Maxim A Gorilla, which generates enough energy for uninterrupted performance of heavy duty vehicles and combines maximum power with EVR technology, provides high performance from the beginning to the end of the road for vehicles engaged in distribution, transportation and delivery in heavy city traffic with up to 2.5 times longer battery life*. Specially developed for long-haul vehicles with start-stop systems and high electrical equipment, Pantera Heavy Duty offers heavy duty vehicle drivers an exceptional performance and power from start to finish, with up to 2.5 times longer battery life* and up to 60 times longer vibration resistance*.


*For İnci Akü Supr A Sentor


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Conducting production and sales activities in the battery industry, Inci GS Yuasa is an affiliate of Inci Holding and GS Yuasa. It is the largest battery manufacturer in Turkey with its three factories in Manisa and 1.000 employees. Having adopted perfection as a principle in all of its processes, Inci GS Yuasa delivers its products and services to consumers in over 80 countries on 6 continents through its consumer-oriented approach and the state-of-art technologies. Inci GS Yuasa operates in Turkey with 110 main dealers, 150 energy experts, 260 authorized service centers and 4.400 retail sales points. Inci Aku is elected as the most valuable battery brand in the list of “2022 Top Valuable Brands of Turkey” prepared by Brand Finance, the international brand valuation organization. Having established the first R&D center of the industry in Turkey, Inci GS Yuasa adds value to the sector and its stakeholders through its innovative perspective and technological products as well as its vision to become the most trusted energy storage firm thanks to its sustainable environmental approach.

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