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Akümgelsin’ On-Site Battery Assistance Expanded to Cover Heavy-Duty Vehicles


İnci Akü has broadened the scope of its battery sales and on-site replacement service, known as Akümgelsin, which can be reached at 444 5 258 (AKÜ) to cover heavy-duty vehicles as well. Having achieved high customer satisfaction ratings since its inception, Akümgelsin promptly restores drivers to the road with on-site battery replacements, ensuring a swift and secure journey ahead.

İnci Akü, the world’s energy specialist, continues to cater to drivers’ needs through a customer-centric approach, consistently offering and advancing tailored applications. Akümgelsin, the service by İnci Akü designed to fulfill battery requirements for drivers of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, ensuring their secure journey continuation, has now started to provide service on a 24/7 basis for heavy vehicles.

With the newly introduced round-the-clock availability of the Akümgelsin service for heavy-duty vehicles, drivers now have the convenience of accessing battery information via the call center to determine the appropriate battery for their vehicles and make purchases over the phone using the IVR payment method. Accessible via the hotline 444 5 258 (AKÜ) and the website, Akümgelsin is available to all drivers of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, and heavy-duty vehicles. Furthermore, with the convenience of on-site installation provided by Akümgelsin, drivers can not only save time but also confidently resume their journeys thanks to İnci Akü technology.

İnci Akü has also signed a cooperation with Tanju Akdoğan, the phenomenal truck driver, YouTube and social media content producer, in order expand the reach of the Akümgelsin service among heavy-duty vehicle drivers. Tanju Akdoğan’s firsthand experience with the Akümgelsin heavy-duty vehicle service can be viewed on İnci Akü’s YouTube page.

Gökçe Yılancıoğlu Tellici, Corporate Communications & Marketing Manager at İnci GS Yuasa, emphasized that through Akümgelsin, they provide continuous support to heavy-duty vehicle and fleet customers, addressing any emergency battery issues 24/7 and said, “As the world’s energy specialist, İnci Akü remains steadfast in its commitment to stand by our customers, regardless of time or location. In line with this approach, we introduced our Akümgelsin 444 5 258 (AKÜ) service two years ago, aimed at delivering on-site assistance to users of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles who require immediate battery solutions or seek battery replacements, regardless of their location within Turkey. We are delighted to expand the coverage of this highly sought-after service to encompass heavy-duty vehicles as well. Consequently, we will be available round the clock for heavy-duty vehicle drivers on the road, providing battery replacement services whenever necessary. I encourage all heavy-duty vehicle drivers to experience this service, as it not only safeguards against workforce disruptions but also presents the chance to save on time during extended journeys.”