The FIRST and the ONLY e-warranty application in the sector18 November 2016
Inci GS Yuasa, with its first and the only service innovation ‘e-warranty’ application in the battery sector, has ruled out the necessity to submit an invoice or warranty certificate for Inci Aku branded batteries in case of any warranty claim.

Inci GS Yuasa added a new dimension to the warranty processes of the Inci Aku branded batteries sold through www.birincikart.com. With the e-warranty application; the warranty period is automatically activated when the battery is sold through Inci Aku online sales portal www.birincikart.com. By this means, all the vehicle drivers, can access their battery-related information required for processes such as replacement or repair of the battery under the warranty coverage only by clicking on www.inciaku.com address, without needing to submit any warranty certificate or invoice. This way, Inci Aku eliminates the trouble of finding documents, which are usually difficult to preserve thus makes things hard when required in case of an emergency.

All the sales points, authorized technical services and consumers in Turkey are able to access information, such as the date of battery purchase, warranty start and expiration dates, road assistance activation processes as well as vehicle brand-model only by clicking on ‘Warranty and Road Assistance Inquiry’ section in www.inciaku.com website and entering the battery code or vehicle license plate.
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