İnci Battery at CeMAT Eurasia30 March 2017
The industry giants met in CeMAT Istanbul Eurasia Fair. The fair, marked by new technologies, gathered logistics, intralogistics and logistics information technology under a single roof with an innovative understanding.  Inci Battery taking his place at CeMAT Eurasia in 2017 introduced his new products developed in line with the needs of the sector.  
Logistics, intralogistics and logistics information technologies came together at CeMAT Eurasia Fair that 16th is held this year. Inci Battery industrial battery brand of Inci GS Yuasa, the subsidiary of Inci Holding and GS Yuasa was introduced his innovative products and services to industry professionals.  
Featured In the Fair

Ex-proof solutions
In the Fair, Inci Battery has introduced his ex-proof applications that he prepared according to ATEX 2014/34 / EU directive to be used in hazardous working conditions with the risk of explosion. Ex-proof batteries that all cabling and accessories made from flame-resistant material thanks to its special steel boiler offer the possibility of safe use against explosion risk, resistant to impact and so on. 

 "Industrial Customer Solutions" Animation Presentation Film Has Been Published
The animation film that explains how Inci Battery tracks customers' problems during battery replacement processes and how charging rooms are applied was quite liked.
Modular charging room application
Also, battery replacement processes, possible risks and alternative applications with the charging unit with HF charging systems and battery monitoring devices has been introduced in the fair. 
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