İnci, a PEARLin Social Media26 March 2017
According to the research of 'Best Social Media Using Brands' prepared by SocialBrands as a result of monthly examination of social media accounts of more than 19 thousands of brands based on data of BoomSocial; Inci Aku was found to have left many big brands behind and been the best social media-using Automotive Sub-Industry Category brand in January, February, March and April.

About SocialBrands: SocialBrands is a grading platform that measures brands' social performance through a completely neutral and objective perspective. SocialBrands, which uses BoomSocial data and BoomSonar technology, examines the accounts of more than 19 thousands of brands in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the most popular social media platforms.

*Pearl means Inci (Company’s Name) in Turkish.
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