Service Equipments of Batteries

Voltmetre with Holder: Discharges to battery in a short time by taking current out of battery.  Authorized service collects information about failure by following to values of first voltage, voltage when current is taken out and last voltage.  This equipment is only for testing purposes. Battery surface voltage or vehicle charge voltage shall not be measured by this equipment.
Hydrometer: Used for acid density measurement of cells of open system batteries.  In case of any failure detection, density values of all cells should be measured.  

Rectifier: is the device which helps fault detection in order to solve battery sulfation conditions.   

Clamp Meter: is used to measure fixed electrical consumption value on vehicle. Clamp meters with 10 m ampere precision should be preferred for accurate measurement.
Digital Multimeter: is used for surface voltage measurement and vehicle charge voltage measurement.
Conductivity Testers: are the devices which give us information on fill rate of battery. They are used to determine good and bad batteries. It is not recommend to be used for warranty operations.
IS Battery Tester CLM: is designed with 30 years of experience in battery technology. This device allows us to determine whether battery failure is arisen due to user’s failure or due to any failure in production as well as determining fill rate of battery. It is also capable to print out the results through its integrated printer and to store date with the assistance of esti card.    
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