Our Environment Policy

Our Principle

  • Ensure complete customer satisfaction

Our Business

  • Provide superior product and service quality to upgrade values of our organization

Our Objectives in This Line

  • Fulfill the national/international liabilities and quality standards with respect to product and environment;
  • Maintain the constant improvement in terms of quality, cost and technology in the process from our suppliers through customers;
  • Simplify and improve the processes;
  • Understand the customers better and meet their expectations far better;
  • Provide and maintain complete safety for product and service;
  • Use the resources efficiently and effectively;
  • Perform operations to upgrade the quality of our suppliers;
  • Rise motivation of our employees, ensuring their integration with the corporate targets; and
  • Protect the customers, employees and environment against possible risks.
  • İnci Akü top management undertakes in the name of all its employees that the requirements of the quality management system shall be observed in accordance with this policy.
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