Pearls of the Universities12 January 2012

With another investment in the education, İnci Akü launched the project “Pearls of the Universities” for giving career training before graduation. In 2010, the company got into contact with various universities in Turkey and the selected students were actively included in the project in April 2011. Eight university students in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara have received training both in the training camp “Pearls of the Universities” and on project basis in Izmir and they also have made meetings with the top management of İnci Akü for exchange of information. In the camp lasted for five days, the young people have also found opportunity to get acquainted with each other through an excursion and entertainment program.

In the scope of the project and as supported by İnci Akü, the experts from many fields in the universities shall give training seminars and share their knowledge and experience prior to their professional career with the young people. Furthermore, the young people of the “Pearls of the Universities” who have participated in the project will receive mentoring-coaching from the top level executives. While the students, trademark envoys of İnci Akü, will have opportunities to attend at department meetings and work with top level executives, they will also increase possibility of improving themselves by getting involved with the performance evaluation system.

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