Launch of the New Products08 April 2012

Performing operations in line with the expectations of the sector, İnci Akü has announced at the dealers meeting launch of İnci Akü NanoGold Start-Stop ELA series in the category of automobiles and light commercial vehicles, İnci Akü Formul A Heavy Duty series, sealed, in the category of heavy vehicles and İnci Battery Gel series in the category of private cars.

İnci Akü added the feature of “Start-Stop” ELA to NanoGold

Released NanoGold technology in 2009, İnci Akü developed this product, adding the feature of “Start-Stop ELA”. Called “Start-Stop” in the automotive sector, this system switches off the engine automatically when the traffic is heavy or when the vehicle does not move at the traffic lights, and operates again upon release of the clutch by the driver, preventing loss of energy.

Usable on board the automobiles and light commercial vehicles, NanoGold Start-Stop ELA stands out with its sealed lid design, fully framed powerful positive plates and special paste formula specially designed by Nano Crystal Technology. The product is a patent design that has passed the test of turning by 180°, fulfilling the strictest sealing condition.

Heavy Vehicle Series with Sealed Lid System by İnci Akü

Emphasizing that the heavy vehicle series of the sealed lid Formul A Heavy Duty is released by İnci Akü for the first time in the market, Mr Paker said, “we specially design all our products under the most demanding conditions for extra durability. We have developed İnci Akü Formul A Heavy Duty series for the heavy vehicles, which is sealed lid, maintenance free, more powerful, safer with longer service life. Our product can be used for heavy vehicles and trucks, buses, construction vehicles, municipal utility vehicles, delivery vehicles and agricultural machines.”

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