ISO 50001 EnMS in İnci Akü28 March 2014

Adopted the mission of providing long lasting quick solution for energy storage, İnci Akü has obtained “ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certificate” certifying that it employs best applications in the field of energy management. Using energy to the extent needed thus positively contributing to energy consumption which has a global importance, İnci Akü aims at adopting this perspective in cooperating with all its business associates in its business processes.

ISO 50001, the international energy management standard, ensures development of business models for developing energy efficiency projects within the establishment, thus creating solutions and applications to decrease energy consumption. Having been entitled to receive the certificate, İnci Akü reported with respect to energy usage, and determined its carbon footprint. İnci Akü, aiming at ensuring an effective improvement in the field of energy usage under the projects which it planned, will conduct its energy efficient operations through an “Energy Team” having factory-wide participation.

 “The worldwide increase observed in energy consumption is expected to continue increasing in the future. The global primary energy demand between 2009 and 2035 is estimated to increase by 40 percent. Therefore, efficient use of energy is one of the most important issues for world’s ecology and domestic economy. Of OECD countries, Turkey is amongst those with high energy density.  At this point, the sector which can produce the greatest positive contribution is the industrial sector which has an important share in energy consumption.  With ISO 50001 EnMS certificate, İnci Akü has taken a giant step in the field of energy efficiency which has a global importance” said Büyüksivri.

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