İnci Battery Gel Series in Boat Show24 February 2014
İnci Akü, the biggest Turkish capital brand in the sector, appeared with İnci Battery Gel product in CNR Eurasia Boat Show where mega yachts, boats and sailboats were exhibited. The fair held in CNR EXPO Yeşilköy from February 15 to 23, 2014 amassed the sea lovers for the seventh time. 

İnci Akü appeared in “CNR Eurasia Boat Show – International Marine Vessels, Equipments and Accessories Fair”, the second biggest boat and yacht fair of the world. İnci Akü, the technology and export leader in the sector, introduced its İnci Battery Gel Series which are suitable for use in boats, as well as caravans, golf vehicles, floor cleaning machines, wheelchairs and renewable energy plants.   

“In the fair participated by 400 firms with 1.000 brands, we brought to the forefront our İnci Battery Gel Series which can be used in boats. İnci Battery Gel products come to the forefront with their deep discharge rate which is 4 times greater than the standards batteries, as well as their high cycle rate. The specially designed fully sealed, fully maintenance free, leakproof batteries also bring the advantage of safe indoor use. Featuring a special cover and valve controlled plug system, Gel series also does not require ventilation in the operating area. Featuring quick recharging with its advanced chemical structure and special separators primed against short circuits, Gel batteries provide superior safety with their special plugs” said Ms. Damla Arkan, Marketing Manager of İnci Akü.
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