İnci Akü’s “Put Energy into Life” Project in Istanbul streets...01 November 2013

”İnci Akü, having a pioneering role in the industry with energy storage solutions it has developed, has come up with the opinion: “a little reason is enough to smile” , and taken action to make smile the people in Istanbul who are weary of the daily intense schedule. İnci Akü, a brand full of energy, reached more than  400 people under the project.

Under “Put Energy into Life” project, İnci Akü organized an activity in Baghdad Street in Istanbul which made people of Istanbul smile. Thinking that little reasons would be enough to smile under intense tempo and stress of life, İnci Akü, the energetic brand of the industry, pour into streets with the Put Energy into Life project team. The team holding letter banners composing the word: “SMILE” and wearing t-shirts with smiling faces showed themselves up to the people of Istanbul, creating the word: “SMILE” accompanied by live music and juggler show, and when the energy reached the peak, the team members with rollercoaster showed up and  handed envelopes inscribed Put Energy into Life and  car air freshener with smiling face on it, key ring and chocolate.

İnci Akü, the most energetic brand of the industry which put smiles on the faces of people of Istanbul weary of traffic, metropolitan life and stress, made more than 400 people smile, and put energy into life.   

For video of activity:


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