İnci Akü storms in Moscow03 September 2013
İnci Akü, participated in the International MIMS Powered By Automechanica Moscow 2013 fair which was organized for the 17th time this year, took another opportunity to introduce its technology to battery industry representatives. The fair, participated by 600 corporations from 30 countries, was held in Russian capital city Moscow on August 26-29, 2013. İnci Akü, the export leader of battery industry, stormed in the 17th International MIMS Powered By Automechanica Moscow fair, one of the most important fairs of Russian automotive industry organized in Moscow. This year, 600 corporations from 30 countries participated in the fair organized on August 26-29, 2013.  

In the fair that gives participants an opinion about Russian automotive industry, seminars and presentations casted light upon the industry.
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