İnci Akü Proved Its Customer Satisfaction by Certification05 March 2012

İnci Akü, the leader of the sector with exports to 70 countries, received ISO 10002 certificate of Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management System.

Export leader in the sector and founder of the first R&D center, İnci Akü was awarded with ISO 10002 Certificate of Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management System as a result of its applications put into service in the groups of Starter, VRLA and industrial products for high customer satisfaction. Deserved to get this award as a result of comprehensive survey conducted by Bureau Veritas, İnci Akü is the first and single company to have the certificate of ISO 10002:2004 in the battery sector in Turkey. The firm was awarded with the certificate on basis of evaluations performed under the headings of responsiveness, objectivity, confidentiality, customer-oriented approach, accountability and constant improvement.

Demonstrated its environmental sensitivity in the production process at the highest level, İnci Akü obtained ISO 14001 certificate of Environmental Management in 2005. With application of ISO 14001-18001 Integrated System, İnci Akü established its 2nd plant, the first Breeam-certificated and an environment-friendly facility; the first phase of the plant started to operate in 2011 by producing industrial products. Additionally, İnci Akü has proved the importance it attaches to its employees by the certificate of OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety at Job it obtained in 2008, a first in the respective sector.

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