İnci Akü proudly presents its mobile application19 August 2013
İnci Akü, pioneering the sector with works in digital communication channels, developed a comprehensive mobile application.  

With this application which is easily downloadable from mobile phones featuring IOS and Android operating systems, the user can obtain location information of all İnci Akü dealers throughout Turkey, and draw an access route, contact 4445AKÜ (258) road assistance line, pick up a vehicle-compatible battery, and obtain detailed information about İnci Akü products. 

The mobile application developed by İnci Akü in two languages: English and Turkish consists of five sections: “Nearest Dealer”, “Find Your Battery”, “Products”, “E-catalogue”, “Contact Us”. In the “Nearest Dealer” section, users can find location information, and draw an access route. In the “Find Your Battery” section, the user can obtain information about the most suitable battery for his/her vehicle.

In the “Products” section, general information about İnci Akü products, technical specifications, as well as detailed information about advantages and fields of application can be found. In the “E-catalogue” section, products can be reviewed while in the “Contact Us” section you can contact İnci Akü authorities. Moreover, İnci AKü mobile application also enables contacting the road assistance line 4445AKÜ (258). Unlike a normal call center, the 4445AKÜ (258) system delivers the location of the malfunctioning vehicle driver directly to the call center. 4445AKÜ call center detects location of the caller, and provides the nearest dealer information or provides support for in-situ road assistance service.
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