İnci Akü in Solar Energy Technologies Fair Intersolar08 June 2014

İnci Akü participated in the Intersolar Europe Fair organized in Munich, Germany between 4th & 6th June 2014. In the fair which focused on Solar Energy Technologies, İnci Akü made its appearance with İnci Battery Gel Series and İnci Battery Stationery batteries specially designed for renewable energy and uninterrupted power supplies.

İnci Akü, the biggest Turkish-capital brand and leading exporter in its industry, this time added Intersolar Europe Fair, world’s biggest Solar Energy Technologies Fair, in the row of fairs which it participated in many different continents and countries over the world. The fair was organized between 4th & 6th June 2014 in Munich, Germany. Taking place on an area of 94K square meters with more than 1.000 participants, the fair was flooded by approximately 50K people. In the fair, İnci Akü deployed a 29-square-meter booth, exhibiting İnci Battery Gel Series and İnci Battery Stationer batteries used in renewable energy systems.  

Intersolar, world’s biggest and most extensive fair in solar energy and technologies, mainly focused on photovoltaic, technologies generating energy from solar power, energy storage systems and thermal solar energy technology.  The optimum performance İnci Battery Gel series which are rechargeable in a short time thanks to their specially designed gel electrolyte structure received great attention in the fair. İnci Battery Stationery batteries which have been specially designed against problems arising from sudden power interruptions also received full credit from the visitors. 

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