İnci Akü in Automechanika Istanbul21 April 2014

In Automechanika Istanbul organized between 10&13th of April 2014, İnci Akü, the biggest Turkish-capital company in the sector, launched 2 new products special for its 30th anniversary.  In the fair where 1.475 participants met 44.469 visitors, we introduced İnci Akü Start Stop AGM Series, as well as IS (INCINEERING SOLUTIONS) Battery Tester CLM battery test device bearing “Incineering Solutions” brand, which is the first and only device in the world to provide quick, reliable information about battery status.

“This year, we participated one more time to Automechanika Istanbul which is one of the most important activities in Turkish market, as well as the European market. This fair brought together thousands of professional companies involved in automotive supply industry. Moreover, besides our IS Battery Tester CLM product which is the first and only in the world, being the fruit of long studies by İnci Akü engineers, we also launched our İnci Akü Start Stop AGM series” said Damla Arkan, İnci Akü Marketing Manager.

IS Battery Tester CLM Battery test device developed in association with Midtronics is the first and only in the world!

The IS Battery Tester CLM battery test device, which is the first only in the world, developed by long studies of İnci Akü engineers, calculates battery’s state of charge and current performance values, giving information about the source of failure. Thus, it provides a great facility both for the drivers and dealers in terms of warranty management. This device gives the results in 3 minutes, which is quite short, with 95 percent reliability rate.

“We developed a product which will assist our dealers in customer relations management” said Damla Arkan, İnci Akü Marketing Manager, and she added: “We realized our product in association with Midtronics, a Dutch company known for its quality developing ‘Battery Management’ solutions which include aspects such as electrical services, warranty management, pre-failure maintenance, and customer services, etc. Our product is the first and only device in the world to perform both the short-term discharge (load test) and conductance test together. As the IS Battery Tester CLM provides early diagnosis before occurrence of the failure, it ensures saving warranty costs up to minimum 30 percent. It differentiates malfunctions caused by sulfation-discharge, thus enabling correct decision making for replacements under warranty. Moreover, all operations are saved on SD Card, ensuring easy data transfer.”

İnci Akü AGM Series stands out with its performance!

Arkan said that they also launched İnci Akü Start-Stop AGM, a superior technology product, in Automechanika Istanbul, and “İnci Akü Start-Stop AGM has been specially developed for start-stop vehicles which has high electrical equipments and recovery braking system. İnci Akü Start-Stop AGM meets at optimum level the high energy demand necessitated due to advanced heating, electronic entertainment, driver assistance help systems, interior and exterior lighting, and similar equipments used on new generation vehicles; and it has 3,5 times more cycle life and 30 percent more starting capacity compared to standard batteries, as well as quick charge receipt. Our İnci Akü Start-Stop AGM batteries ensure maximum sealing thanks to acid absorbing special fibre-based separators” she added. 

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