İnci Akü in Auto Expo Africa Fair02 May 2014

İnci Akü participated in Auto Expo Africa Fair organized for the 17th time this year in Kenya capital city, Nairobi. In the fair organized between 27 & 29 April 2014, İnci Akü exhibited a product range dominantly featuring Sealed Heavy Duty Series batteries.

The biggest Turkish-capital brand in the sector, and celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, İnci Akü took its place in the Auto Expo Africa organized for the 17th time this year. In the fair, İnci Akü exhibited to visitors its Sealed Heavy Duty Series including Super Heavy Duty, Formul A Heavy Duty and Super A Heavy Duty. In the fair organized in Kenya capital city Nairobi between 27 & 29 April 2014, automotive industry products such as spare parts, batteries, lubricants, bearings, etc. are exhibited. Auto Expo Africa was also a stage for exhibition of spare parts, components and accessories for heavy duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, tractor trailers.

In recent years, African spare parts imports showed a significant increase up to 30 percent in! 

“We exhibited to visitors our long life, durable, extra-performance Sealed Heavy Duty Series batteries intended to be used in heavy duty vehicles. In recent years, a significant increase up to 30 percent has been observed in African spare parts import rate. Kenya is known as the finance and transportation centre of Central and Eastern Africa. The Auto Expo Africa organized in Kenya receives ever growing attention with each passing year, and this region continues to be a very attractive place for global auto spare parts exporters. This fair is one of the fairs to which İnci Akü paid special attention, and we received extensive attention there” said Damla Arkan, İnci Akü Marketing Manager. 

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