İnci Akü Breaks a New Ground in the Sector: Mitigating Environmental & Noise Pollution03 March 2014
İnci Akü powers up the Electrical Hydraulic Compressor garbage truck loader which has been co-developed by İnci Akü and Profimak. İnci Battery Traction Batteries are used in the project which aimed to provide a battery-powered system for the garbage truck loader. Thanks to İnci Akü which provides long lasting energy storage solutions and thanks to this new technology which is first in the sector, both the environmental and noise pollution will be prevented.

With this new technology co-developed by Profimak, the pioneering company of its sector in development of new technologies, and İnci Akü, the biggest Turkish capital company of the sector, now the garbage loader of garbage trucks will be powered up by battery. Under the project, the Electrical Hydraulic Compressor loaders are powered by the environmentally friendly İnci Battery Traction batteries produced in Turkey’s first Breeam-certified facility. The hydraulic system used in the available garbage trucks relies on high revolution motor power which results in increased fuel consumption in such vehicles, thus increasing the carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition directs of garbage collection such as noise pollution and carbon emissions, the hydraulic system relying on the motor also causes delayed movement of garbage trucks and traffic jams. Profimak reported that the garbage trucks bought by Altaş Cleaning, the major technology-oriented company of solid waste sector, were used in Istanbul Maltepe and Izmir Karşıyaka Municipalities.

“Environment is at the center of İnci Akü’s business concept. The environmentally friendly technologies which we developed are fruits of this concept” said Sibel Eserdağ, the R&D Manager of İnci Akü, and she talked about the ground-breaking technology which they developed for the Electrical Hydraulic Compressor garbage loader project:

“İnci Battery Traction Batteries which we developed as a result of our R&D centre studies for 3 years will reduces the carbon emission per ton by 10%, and reduce the noise pollution by 10 decibels. We are extremely glad to be a part of this project, this project to which we are a stakeholder will ensure a total reduction of 15%, thus 3.500 lt./year fuel saving per  car will be ensured. We will continue cooperating with Profimak for new projects and technologies which we will develop in this field” said she. 
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