İnci Akü Awards Ceremony08 January 2013

In the ceremony held on January 04, 2013 in the Conference Hall of Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, awards were given to employees who hit the bull’s eye in İnci Akü’s 6 Sigma Projects, and who left milestones behind.  Employees received their awards from Göksel Paker, İnci Akü’s Chairman of Board of Directors and CEO.   

Since the very first day of its incorporation, carrying out its operations with the principle: “continuous change and development” for having best understanding of its business partners and for producing best solutions befitting their needs, İnci Akü held the ceremony awards for 6 Sigma Project winners on January 04. In said organization, employees who left behind 10th, 15th and 20th anniversaries of their employment in İnci Akü received awards, as well.

 İnci Akü’s 6 Sigma Projects constitute a management methodology where problem solving techniques are used with active participation of all employees, adopting well planned and ordered Kaizen activities. The goal of 6 Sigma Projects is to ensure zero error rate, improve efficiency, perfect all business processes, and create added value for customers. Lead 6 Sigma methodology does not only ensure determination and correction of errors but it is also based on the restructuring of business process so as to ensure zero error possibility in the very beginning of the process. In its business processes, İnci Akü’s has adopted the 6 Sigma concept, the basic achievement factor of which is “who does the work knows it best”.

 In 6 Sigma Projects which we have been organizing since 2007, we acquired 22 yellow belts, 6 green belts and 2 black belts with 12 projects in 2012. With projects that are implemented by our fellow employees, we will ensure a saving/profit amount of € 618.828 in 2012.  I would also like to emphasize that total 31 6-sigma projects that we have elaborated on up to now have greatly assisted us in making significant improvements.

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