İnci Akü and its Trademarks take assured steps in the way of Global Branding05 March 2012

In cooperation with Markam Consulting, a leading brand consulting firm, İnci Akü has launched the Global Branding Project to become stronger in the global competition. Started operations to this effect in April 2011, İnci Akü achieved to get results of the project soon.

It has established strategies in the starter battery market with İnci Akü together with the trademarks Eas, Hugel and Blizzaro, and with the trademark İnci Battery in the industrial battery market, drawn the road maps, made negotiations with the business partners and attend the sector-related congresses, conferences and exhibitions.

As a result of all operations, the brand vision, mission, brand stories, personalities, values and prohibitions were established for each trademark to generate “Brand Manuals”.

5 basic principles in common in the trademark manuals:

  • Positioning on basis of universal requirements,
  • Global strategy adaptable to the local;
  • Medium Management According to Brand, Not Brand Management According to Medium
  • Long term conversion plan,
  • Loyalty to strategy and internalization,

Created by a self-sacrificing operation and joint ideas, the Brand Manuals will be used as guiding documents at each step to be taken to make us stronger and increase of effectiveness in the global competition.

The in-house brand trainings also serve as the first steps in the way of creating this conscious.

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