İnci Akü and GS Yuasa Partnership Procedures Officially Finalized06 October 2015
İnci Akü and GS Yuasa, the two leading players of battery industry in Turkey and around the world, joined their forces by signing a partnership agreement on October 6, 2015. İnci Akü A.Ş. moves on as İnci GS Yuasa A.Ş. in accordance with their partnership with Japan originated GS Yuasa Int. Ltd.
İnci Akü, an affiliate of İnci Holding, signed a strategic partnership agreement with GS Yuasa, a leading corporation in the global battery sector. The procedures, which were initiated by a Letter of Intent signed between two parties in April 2015, are finalized at the signature ceremony on October 6, 2015 hosted by İnci Holding. Thus, İnci Holding continues its development in domestic and international market with this third foreign partnership signed in the recent year.
İnci Akü, the export leader in battery sector in Turkey, joins its strength in this field with Japanese giant GS Yuasa’s global experience and vast knowledge on new generation battery technologies. Within the frame of this partnership, GS Yuasa leverages their existence in Turkey by making investment in the region whereas İnci Akü increases its turnover in the market with GS Yuasa’s global appearance and product range.
Speaking at the signature ceremony, Ms. Perihan İnci, the President of İnci Holding said: “As a holding, partnering with pioneer companies in their fields to increase our power in international markets and achieve sustainable growth. With this strategic partnership we signed today with GS Yuasa, one of world’s leading battery manufacturers, both parties will gain achievements. With this partnership, we are not only bringing a significant global investor to Turkey but also contributing to our country with new investments. With this 50% partnership with GS Yuasa, we are getting stronger to move on in our current markets. This partnership turns the title of our company into İnci GS Yuasa A.Ş. We will take firm steps towards our aim to become the market leader in Turkey and in the region as İnci GS Yuasa.”
Mr. Osamu Murao, the President of GS Yuasa stated that GS Yuasa products will be manufactured in the factory in Manisa, together with İnci Akü products and said: “Turkey is a significant player in the region thanks to the location and power. As GS Yuasa we give weight to leveraging our position in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Russia Commonwealth of Independent States region; thus this successful partnership we signed with İnci Akü is extremely valuable for us. As GS Yuasa, we are aiming to grow in the global arena. This partnership will strategically further strengthen both companies in the market. Within the frame of the partnership, which will proceed over a joint business plan, we will be manufacturing GS and Yuasa products in İnci Akü premises in Manisa.
Sector’s record holder in export sets sail to new records
Mr. Cihan Elbirlik, the General Manager of İnci Akü, provided information about their business objectives; “İnci Akü was never a merely battery manufacturing company. The company is one of the deepest rooted corporations in Turkey, developing “long-lasting” energy storage solutions for the future; and lighting the way to the future of the sector through R&D activities. Our strategic partnership with GS Yuasa reinforced our identity as the leading battery manufacturer in Turkey. In line with our joint business plans, we will be leveraging Yuasa and GS brands along with İnci Akü. In addition to new brands, we will also include telecommunication and uninterruptible power supply categories to our production line. As İnci Akü, we are preserving our role as the export leader for six years. In accordance with this strategic partnership with GS Yuasa, we are aiming to double out export figures within the next five years, and improving our technologic power.”
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