Inci Aku and GS Yuasa Join Forces10 June 2015
GS Yuasa, Japan, one of the major players in battery sector in the world commenced strategic partnership negotiations with Inci Aku, export leader for the last 6 years and major player in the battery sector in Turkey.
Aim of the Parties with this partnership is gearing up for a move in Turkey and in international markets.
Inci Aku, the leader of the battery sector in Turkey in exports, which is a subsidiary of Inci Holding, finalized the first stage of partnership and shareholders agreement with GS Yuasa, Japan, one of the leading companies in battery sector in the world. Mr. Makoto Yoda, President of GS Yuasa made came to Izmir on June 10th, following signature of the letter of intent in April. The Parties are expected to finalize the legal process after signing the shareholders agreement at Inci Holding Headquarters in Izmir. Inci Aku is listed by Brand Finance, the international brand valuation consultancy, among the first 100 “Most Valuable Companies in Turkey”. Inci Aku carries out production of starter and industrial batteries under the brand names; EAS, Hugel, Blizzaro and İnci Battery; and reaches the users through 250 main dealers, 3.500 retail stores and 212 authorized services.

Besides, the company exports its products to more than 80 countries in 4 continents through 90 distributors.Making a statement about the agreement, The President of İnci Holding Ms. Perihan Inci said; “Our business model involves partnering with pioneer companies in their fields to achieve solid and sustainable growth together with our partner. The 15% growth per year we maintained in our wheel business for 23 years with our foreign partner is a significant indication of this. We signed a fruitful partnership agreement in logistics in 2014 with Yusen. Lately we entered into a successful partnership with ATEN, our waste management company, and Brantner, Austria. Now we are expecting to maintain our success with a major player in the battery industry. Following a merger between Japan Storage Battery, history of which goes back to 1895, and Yuasa, which was established in 1913; GS Yuasa was established in 2004. Today, GS Yuasa is among leading battery manufacturers in the world. The company’s has entered into successful partnerships including Tata, India in 2005, Mitsubishi in 2007, and Honda in 2009. GS Yuasa now carries out partnerships with 36 countries around the world. The company provides employment for more than 13,600 people with its huge structure. We believe that we will carry out outstanding projects through our partnership with GS Yuasa”. The President of GS Yuasa Mr. Makoto Yoda said; “GS Yuasa’s goal is to grow in global arena. Our partnership with Inci Holding will strategically reinforce the company in the market. Turkey is located in a strategic point. We will make the best of this”.
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