İnci Akü: Among Tax Champions in Manisa07 April 2012

Enjoyed a fast growth over years, İnci Akü San. ve Tic. A.Ş. ranks 323 among the biggest 500 industrial companies in Turkey, a rise compared to the previous year, as per the results for 2010 as recently announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ISO). And the company was also awarded as it takes place among the first 10 in the list of corporate taxpayers in the city of Manisa.

Tax awards ceremonies were organized on March 1, Thursday at Manisa Logistics Center for the companies of Manisa Organized Industrial Zone (MOSB) and Corporate and Income Tax Champions of Manisa. Operating in Manisa and ranked among the top ten champions of Corporate Taxpayers, İnci Akü was awarded. The award was received by Ms Neşe Gök, Chairman, for İnci Akü. Besides İnci Holding, Hayes Lemmerz İnci Jant San. A.Ş. and Jantaş San. A.Ş., members of İnci Holding and ranked among the first 500 companies listed as the biggest industrial organization by ISO, were also awarded. Talking about the awards given, Meral İnci Zaim, Chairman of İnci Holding, said, “Our companies operating in the Organized Industrial Zone in Manisa play important role not only in the regional economy, but also national economy. Our 3 organizations took place in the server made by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce each year for the biggest 500 companies in Turkey. One of the most powerful organizations in Turkey, İnci Holding Group has properly fulfilled its duty and responsibility and was awarded as one of the companies that have paid the highest tax in Manisa. A prestigious organization of the country, İnci Holding will continue to be among the top ranks and in the category of “the bests”.

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