İnci Academy: A First in the Sector05 March 2012

İnci Akü established İnci Academy with a view of providing technical training for the white and blue collar employees of the company. Intended as the Corporate Training Center of İnci Akü, the Academy is designed as “Remote Training” (e-learning) platform. İnci Academy is a first in the battery sector in Turkey.

Yearning to be the leading battery producer in the Eastern Europe and Middle East, İnci Akü has set up İnci Academy to operate as “Remote Training” (e-learning) platform for technical training and improvement of its employees. In addition to the technical training, the corporate development training is also intended to be given in İnci Academi, which was established to make contribution to the improvement of its white and blue collar employees.

In İnci Academy, the trainings shall be scheduled by a predefined training matrix which determines who will receive what training at what time and an examination will be taken upon completion of the training for measurement of the activity. Especially novice white and blue collar employees start their job after receiving and completing a certain training successfully.

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