Award for Blue Sea Free Caretta Project07 October 2012

After 4 years of R&D studies of İnci Akü, finally in 2011 Blue Sea Free Caretta Project have been put into practice and awarded by Agora Rotary Club.  On 10th of October, which is also the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Agora Rotary Club, Damla Arkan the marketing manager received the award on behalf of İnci Akü.

The Project “Blue Sea Free Carretta” received Vocational Service Award. Technology sponsor of the project, İnci Akü, received the award since the project seen as a successful example of corporate social responsibility project.  Marketing Manager of the company Damla Arkan received the award on behalf of İnci Akü.

İnci Akü with the objective of sustainable tourism has developed the “Blue Sea Free Caretta” project with the cooperation of The Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Local Municipalities, Boat Cooperative and private boat owners. Following several recruitments the project’s aim is to keep Dalyan completely free from motor noise and gas emissions. 

6 boats in total have been converted in the scope of the project.

İnci Akü Marketing Manager Damla Arkan “ After 4 years full of R&D studies, as a company we have achieved to put Blue Sea Free Caretta project into practice which is vital for region’s tourism. With the project we have developed eco-friendly electric boats which completely enhanced with batteries. Our main goal is to keep Dalyan Delta clean and protect Caretta Caretta’s habitat with converting all boats in the delta into electric, eco-friendly ones. Electric boats do not cause exhaust gas emissions or any other oil leakage and compared to diesel engine, electric ones are more quite.”

“We have delivered the use of the first converted electric “Caretta Boat” to Dalyan Boat Cooperative.  Earnings that are provided though those converted boat tours will be transferred to fund which will be use for the transfer of new eco-friendly boats.   The most important point of this project is that even private sector is supporting this transformation.  4 Boats which are converted belongs to the Brilliant Tourism. We also want more private sector companies to support this project. “

İnci Akü with the motto “Bright waters, Free Carettas and Silent Dalyan” continues to work for Aegean Region.  Exports reached to all over the world, as a company we are working for the improvement of Aegean region. Likewise carettas which are traveling the world but at the end come back to their origin to lay their eggs, as a company we are working for our region.

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