Artvin’s First Electric Vehicle is Sponsored by Inci Akü!28 June 2012
Artvin’s First Electric Vehicle is Sponsored by Inci Akü! Students and Academician Bilgehan Tozlu from Electrical Program at Artvin Vocational School, Artvin Çoruh University, completed first electric and solar powered vehicle in cooperation with industrial artisans. 

Presentation performed for “Electrical Automobile” Project implemented by students as a project assignment in the course “System Analysis and Design” lectured by Academician Bilgehan Tozlu in Electrical Program at Artvin Vocational School, Artvin Çoruh University. The presentation program organized in Artvin Çoruh University’s Guesthouse was participated by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Duman, Rector of Artvin Çoruh University, Assistant Prof. Dr. Adnan Uzun, Secretary General, academicians from Artvin Vocational School, students involved in the project, artisans in Artvin who contributed to the project both in terms of material and workmanship as well as local and nationwide press members.

The Lecturer and Project Coordinator Academician Bilgehan Tozlu briefed about the electrical automobile. He said that the youth could achieve anything when they believed, worked and cooperated. He also emphasized that the project enabled the young fellow university students aged 19-20 to gain experience and self-confidence.   The 15 Horsepower Electric Automobile (10,5kW) driven by the Rector successfully completed the test drive of approximately 1 km.

The vehicle can cover a distance for about 30 minutes with the İnci Gel batteries installed on it. When the battery goes flat, it can be recharged for 5 hours (quick recharging) to 10 hours (normal recharging) by plugging the battery connector, located at the backside of the vehicle, into the power outlet. Moreover, the solar panels on the vehicle recharge the batteries in 2 days. The vehicle implemented as a project assignment under lecturing and coordinatorship of Academician Bilgehan Tozlu, who serves in Electrical Program in Artvin Vocational School, can reach at a speed of 100 kmph.     

Electric Automobile Project implemented by Electrical Program students of Artvin Vocational School under Inci Akü’s sponsorship comes to the forefront as a project achieved with a modest budget.
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