Aiming to be among the global brands of Turkey, İnci Akü, renewed its logo.10 October 2012

Identifying itself with the motto of “Lifelong technology”, İnci Akü achieved to change its logo and launched it in Turkey and in the international arena. 

Planning to be more dominant in the international competition with its “Global Branding Project”, İnci Akü, renewed its logo in domestic and in the international arena.    

The first brand in the sector that achieved to take part in the Turquality program which intends to turn Turkish brands into global brands, İnci Akü changed its direction to the international field.

In the global market, with brand positioning, İnci Akü prepared its brand strategy and the long-term road map. In a very short time period, İnci Akü started to get results of the works they have done so far.

Within the context of the project, İnci Akü analyzed the national and international battery market, examined the national and international competing brands, made interviews with consumers and took part in the sectoral conventions, conferences and trade fairs.

İnci Akü Marketing Manager Damla Arkan indicates that they continue to their branding moves in the global market and added “as an institution, we are open to any change and any development, try to meet the necessities of today, follows the technologies of the future and with a continues improvement, in the field of brand management we want to take a more robust. With this objective as part of the ‘Global Branding Project’ we have done particular field surveys in Turkey. After the surveys, we visited our target countries. During the visits we have done field trips, consumer analysis, and competitor analysis. Moreover, we have done several meetings with the Turkish Commercial Attache in those countries, agencies and research and media companies.”  

After completing the findings and the analysis, we evaluated them within the company. We specified the appropriate institutional stand, identity, personality and the position of the İnci Akü brand. We decided to change our logo in this period of time. Firstly, we changed our logo in the national market. Secondly, we are completing the works of logo changes in the global market. We have created our brand guide which includes our vision, mission, brand history, personality, values and prohibitions.

 Arkan added “Our brand guide which is developed with a self-scarifying work and in the direction of common ideas helps our company to get stronger in the global competition and helps us to increase our efficiency and acts as a leading document with showing each step needs to be taken.”

We have organized those actions with the help of our white and blue collar employees, our company partners and all the field team. We organized meetings with them. Those are very important actions in order each of every employee to internalize. Therefore, we have completed some actions to work on the commitment and internalizing our strategy.

İnci Akü’s 5 major principles which are; positioning on the basis of the universal needs,  global strategy with adaptation skills which can be converted into national strategy, not by channel brand, by brand channel, long-term transformation plan and the importance of the loyalty and the internalization of the strategy. Within the context of those principles, İnci Akü plans to increase its recognition level and reinforce its brands’ perception in Turkey together with the world market.

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