A New Era in Customer Relations06 April 2012

İnci Akü has entered into a completely new era in the customer relations management under SAP CRM project launched as a result of its business partnership with Elsys.

Adopting the mission of “Customer Satisfaction” as its original principle, İnci Akü San. ve Tic. A.Ş. was established by Cevdet İnci at the Organized Industrial Zone, Manisa, in 1984. Executed a license agreement with Austrian-based Jungfer Baren, one of the most prestigious manufacturers in Europe at the time, İnci Akü San. ve Tic. A.Ş. achieved to be a preferred trademark in the automotive sector thanks to its quality and technology.

While İnci Akü San. ve Tic. A.Ş. provides service in the replacement market through İncitaş, its powerful distributor, as well as 100 main dealers, retail points of sale reaching up to 3,500, 180 authorized technical service centers and the trademarks İnci Akü, EAS Akü and Hugel Akü on national basis, it also offer services abroad by 90 distributors to the great community of customers in 70 countries in 4 continents through the trademarks İnci Akü, EAS Akü, Hugel and Blizzaro.

Producing industrial batteries by the most advanced technology as well, İnci Akü San. ve Tic. A.Ş. manufactures forklifts, stacking machines, pallet jacks, tow trucks, floor cleaning machines, caddy carts, traction batteries of any power and size for boats and locomotives, telephone exchanges, power plants, DC power plants, uninterrupted power supplies and stationary batteries under a variety of trademarks.

The prestigious organization has preferred to cooperate with Elsys, considered as a reliable and experienced company, with a view of renewing its current customer relations management (CRM) which keeps the latest user data, on basis of a modern and advance solution. In line with the business partnership between two companies, İnci Akü has successfully completed the first stage of the project SAP CRM as a result of its pursuit of solution to strengthen the customer relations of the company.

Under the project SAP CRM launched by support of Elsys for İnci Akü, the relations among final customers, dealers, retailers and points of sale were made traceable. While the projects ensures detailed control of battery and warranty monitoring for the final customers of the company, the management of the fleet parties was also taken under control.

By the Activity Management functionality offered in the framework of the system designed, İnci Akü now performs route monitoring and planning easily and ensures the sale representatives to manage the activities on site in a regular and organized way. Additionally, in the subsequent phases of the project, regular customer calls shall be made via call center displays, updating the customer data accordingly. Thus all foreign operations are supposed to be monitored on country-responsible officer-product-customer basis.

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