A Global First from İnci Akü14 April 2015
At Automechanika Istanbul held during 09 – 12 April, İnci Akü launched its battery testing and analysing device ‘Incineering Solutions (IS) Battery Tester’, the first and unique in the world, which provides fast and reliable information about the battery status; and introduced the İnci Akü Start-Stop AGM Series.

The export and innovation leader of the Turkish car battery industry, İnci Akü was present at Automechanika Istanbul where 1,667 exhibitors in total met tens of thousands of visitors coming from all over the world during 09 – 12 April 2015. İnci Akü launched its device ‘Incineering Solutions (IS) Battery Tester’ which provides fast and reliable information about the status of the battery with a high rate of accuracy, and relaunched the İnci Akü AGM Series.

Having added the first and unique testing and analysing device in the world, the Company got a big thumbs-up from its customers.
İnci Akü exhibited its products at the leading international automotive industry fair of Turkey Automechanika Istanbul. In his evaluation about the Fair, İnci Akü General Manager Cihan Elbirlik said: “Automechanika Istanbul, which is one of the most important events not only for Turkey but also for the European market, we have launched our new car battery testing and analysing device Incineering Solutions (IS) Battery Tester, which is the first and unique in the world. We have developed this multifunctional device in cooperation with Midtronics. The Incineering Solutions (IS) Battery Tester calculates the charging and health ratios of the battery to identify if the malfunction is caused by manufacturing defects. Thus it helps the final user and the vendors in terms of warranty management. Producing the result within just 3 minutes, the device displays it with a high level of reliability. As all the operations performed on our battery testing and analysis device are stored in a memory card, it allows the transfer of data. Moreover, it is easily portable and requires no electricity to operate.”
Elbirlik stated about the new product: ‘‘Being the first and unique in the world with its Conductivity Testing, Digital Multimeter, Hydrometer and Discharge Load Testing functions, our product minimises the unexpected battery failures, hence the loss of time and the need for costly roadside assistance interventions, thanks to its early diagnosis feature before the occurrence of any failure at replacements under warranty. In this context, we believe that our product will offer significant advantages to the commercial vehicle fleets as well.”

İnci Akü AGM Series Relaunched
Having launched also the İnci Akü Start-Stop AGM at Automechanika Istanbul, İnci Akü attracted attention at the fair. Elbirlik said for İnci Akü Start-Stop AGM: “We have designed this product specifically for the Start-Stop vehicles provided with high-grade electrical equipment and recovery braking system. Optimally meeting the high energy requirements needed due to the advanced heating, electronic entertainment, driver support assistance systems, internal and external lighting, and other similar equipment used in the new generation vehicles, the İnci Akü Start-Stop AGM is provided with the latest technologies for the upper-segment Start-Stop vehicles featuring regenerative braking. Our İnci Akü Start-Stop AGM car batteries which have an up to 3.5 times longer cycle life, a 30 percent higher starting capacity and charge acceptance rate compared to those of the standard batteries offer maximum tightness thanks to the acid confined to special fibre-based separators.’’
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