ISO 50001

ISO 50001, the international energy management standard, ensures the development and implementation of solutions to lower the energy consumption by developing a business plan for the generation of energy efficiency projects within the company. Having been entitled to the certificate, İnci GS Yuasa has determined its carbon footprint by reporting about its energy consumption. Aiming to ensure an effective improvement in energy consumption with the projects it plans, İnci GS Yuasa's energy efficiency operations are conducted by a plant-wide "Energy Team".

İnci GS Yuasa, who has ensured standardisation in the energy management system, and proven the same with the ISO 50001 it has obtained, goes on working in an environment friendly approach in both production and management for a sustainable environment. İnci GS Yuasa is a entity who has the first environment friendly Breeam Certified production plant in Turkey, and is committed to ensure continuous improvement of its Environment Management System in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard.
The rise observed in the energy consumption worldwide is expected to continue increasingly in the period to come. It is estimated that the global primary energy demand will increase by 40 percent during the period 2009-2035. Therefore, efficient use of energy is one of the topmost issues for the world ecology and national economy. Among the OECD countries, Turkey is one of those with high energy density. İnci GS Yuasa, one of the major players of the industry sector which is the sector which could make the most positive contribution in this respect, has greatly contributed to the issue of energy efficiency at the global level.

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