Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I have access to the nearest authorized service center?

    Click the link www.inciaku.com/... (dealers and authorized service centers) to get contact info of the nearest authorized service center.
  • To what TS standards are the products produced?

    Our batteries are starter lead-acid batteries (TS EN 50342-1). What should I do in case of battery failure?
  • What should I do in case of battery failure?

    If the battery fails, you should immediately apply to the service centers together with certificate of warranty or, for new vehicles, license. In case anybody other than the authorized service center intervenes with the battery, the warranty of the battery becomes void.
  • Under what conditions are the batteries excluded from the warranty?

    The battery is EXCLUDED FROM WARRANTY if it is determined as a result of analysis by the authorized service center that the following conditions have occurred: :
  • If the battery is replace under warranty, does the warranty term change?

    Upon inspection of the damaged battery by the authorized service center, it is replaced by an equivalent new one as a result of any production defect which appears after the date of sale during the warranty term. The warranty term of the battery replaced under the warranty is limited with the remaining warranty time of the battery originally purchased.
  • How long is the warranty term of the battery following the date of sale?

    a) In case of NanoGold Start Stop ELA batteries, the warranty term is 1 year (12 months) for start-stop vehicles; and 3 years (36 months) for the private cars.

    b) Warranty term is 1 year (12 months) for the commercial taxies, automobiles, trucks and light duty trucks, intercity buses, dolmushes, minibuses and midibuses.

    c) Service life of the battery is 3 years provided the operating instructions are observed.
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