Our Environment Policy


  • To improve the respect to humans and their living area.


  • To make human health safe by safe facility and equipments to save the enviroment
  • by using minimum natural resources


  • To ensure the health and safety of employees, subcontractors, guests and company employees who are workingout of the working place, to take measures according to current ISG and ÇYS legislationsand the other necessities to make use and keep the safety equipments for the enviromental effects caused by production activities.
  • To identify and remove the conditions and possible risks may cause work accidents, occupational illness and environmental effects by performing proper risk assessment.
  • To reduce waste by using raw materials, energy and natural resources efficiently.
  • To use the suitable technologies for zero work accident and a sustainable environment.
  • To give training and provide awareness to employees about work safety, health and environment.
  • By taking into account the global development, to estimate the possible situations that we may face, continuous development and rewieving our condition.
  • İnci GS Yuasa Senior Management undertakes to comply with the terms of the management systems exactly on behalf of all employees.
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